Burn Heretic!!!

I know I haven’t updated this blog for quite a while now. But I have an excuse…… (Jks) Recently I have been focusing on school instead of my hobby currently as assignments are flooding through near the end of the year. As a part of my hobby I have been learning and painting a blood angels army that will be allies to my 2nd Company of Ultramarines. As a HQ I have chosen Mephiston.

Please Check out the 1,500 pt list I have created and give me feedback through my email at raz3299@y7mail.com


this list will be for my future blood angels army.

Other then that I have been making videos about Unboxings and all that kind of fluff and well I haven’t got much views on it.


Please Check it out ^_^


I have gotten the munitorium dice, templates as well as the tape measure. (They look frekin awesome)


Got Facebook?


I would love it if you guys could communicate with me.


As soon as these assignments are finished my hobby will be back on track so please bear with me for now x)




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